Friday, August 12, 2011

chanel's home!

pants: F21, chambray shirt: H&M, vest: Nordstrom Rack, shoes: Ross, necklace: Anthropologie

my family is here! so i don't really have time to chat. sisters CA and MM and vegetating on my couch and the rest of the clan is on their way over for ANOTHER birthday celebration dinner for mee teehee! at Old Spag Fact. i just wanted to tell you that the FAT CAT HAS LANDED! yeeeeeee!!!!! and right now the Cs are getting acquainted and they are so happy to be together again:

awwwwwwwwwwwww sisters.


  1. Your blog never fails to make me laugh, youre hilarious! And dont take this the wrong way, but youre freakin hawt!!!

  2. OMG yay! So glad that Nel is back! You may rethink taking her back when she resumes her 6am workouts :)

  3. How did you do your hair the last couple of days? Love the volume!

  4. Thnx Kerri! :)

    Brittany: it's bedhead. And a little hairspray. Hahhhh


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