Tuesday, August 23, 2011

close 'em.

skirt: Go International-Target, tee: J.Crew, shoes: Target, belt: BJ/gift from sister CA, bracelet: Urban

today i went to the park to read again on my lunch break. and there wasn't a soul in sight. it was lovely. and i got so wonderfully comfortable in the park all by my lonesome, that i began to act less and less ladylike without even realizing it. when i finally did realize it, it was much too late. for i looked up to see a young man blushing. you see, i was hunched over with my elbows on my knees, deep into my book. with my legs open. so he caught a glimpse of my flowered panties from the Gap. maybe he was blushing because he was embarrassed for me that i was wearing grandma panties?? no?? you think it was maybe because he was thinking "ohmyGOD girl, CLOSE YOUR LEGS! you look like such a harlot!" ??

also, if anyone has a good nude-shade nail polish, could you please share with me what kind it is! i'm having a real hairy time trying to find a good one. i either get it too pink or too brown.


  1. I love the "Wild & Crazy" line. The nudes I have are "Tutu" and "Straight off" - good luck!


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