Monday, August 29, 2011

completely nuts

shorts/belt: JCP, tee: H&M, shoes: Ross, flower: Anthropologie

these shorts. they're like mom/women's softball player shorts. but whatever. i was tired this morning and they were the first thing i grabbed out of the closet. i love when i accidentally put a cute outfit together. it's like a fun surprise! 

JJ loves to take pictures like these. i definitely had to crop out the double chin:

so i bought my first ebook on my ipad. the paris wife. and i was so thrilled to begin. and then i realized that my idiot self bought it twice. one hard copy and one digital. garghhhH!!! so stupid. C'MON L!!!!

but you want to know what's stupider? getting drunk with your friend in palm springs and getting a tattoo:

by a man name "Dollar." that's real. HIS NAME WAS DOLLAR. and that's 7 18. my wedding date. total eva longoria-style. except she got a divorce and got hers removed. CLASSY! Nel and i are completely nuts. CRAZY! i told JJ that now our marriage is REALLY legit. you know, now that it's on me forever. haahh. he's REALLY stuck with me forever now. teehee. so i kind of regret it. because it was so last-minute and crazy. BUT my friend Kit Kat made a good point, "at least it's not a tattoo of tweety bird or something stupid..." i mean.........she's totally right. 


  1. oh man we totally talked about this tattoo at lunch!! (i said it like that to make it sound like we lunch allll the time instead of just the one awesome time) i actually love it though!! it could be WAY WAY worse. like a chinese symbol. behind your ear. OH WAIT that was MY stupid mistake. hahaha i'd so much rather have yours!! i love it. was JJ flattered? that really is true love.

  2. hahahaha OMG we did!! i totally forgot!!! jj was mad/flattered. gahhh!! you're right though, true love!

  3. You are on your way to being Winston Churchill's mother. Google her! And why is my "word": "pfatte"? Is it because I am??? Or is the "p" for Papa?

  4. I totally just googled Lady Randolph Churchill.


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