Wednesday, August 24, 2011

division 4

skirt: F21, top: UO, booties: ?

today was top 5 greatest hair days in life. which is funny because when i first woke up i thought to myself, "LORD HELP ME! what am i ever going to do with those atrociously freaked out bangs of mine?" and then it turned into this. the perfect Beyonce hair. so awesome! 

today a nerdy guy came in to pay his tuition. and asked me what i played in college. instead of saying something hilarious/inappropriate, i said, "um, what do you mean?" and he said, "the tattoo. it's a four right? division four sports?" and i guffawed. i loved that he thought i played sports. so what if there's no such thing as division four, the point is that he believed i was a ball handler back in my college days. haaaahahahaha that's what she said hahahahahhahahahh.

we are fat tonight. JJ is out getting us pizza and chocolate covered peanuts from Target ALERT! NEW FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD: MARKET PANTRY BRAND CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUTS! GO GET YOURSELF SOME NOW.

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