Monday, August 22, 2011


skirt: F21, tank: Monrow via TJ Maxx ($10!!), necklace: Nord Rack, heels: white house black market

i love this new tank top. originally $78...and i found it for $10 at TJ!! the best. such a good find. i got deodorant all over it this morning though. why is deodorant so impossible to remove?? i ended up having to use soap. 

it's almost time for the fall semester at CGU to begin! and in a mad rush, everyone is trying to pay their tuition before friday to avoid paying late fees. yikes! i didn't even have time to use my lip gloss today. that's how busy i was. it was great. my day was so full and it flew by. and also this guy paid his bill of $3,840 in cash. that's real. just handed it over to me like it was monopoly money. and like, i had to be in charge of it! that's just way too much responsibility. so i very carefully handled it. then i envisioned a of a gust of wind coming up and blowing the cash out of my hands and into the depths of the mangy street. egads!!! that would be the worst. 

i have such an issue with negative envisionings. (is that a word? i feel like that's a word. the little squiggly red line underlining "envisionings" says otherwise). anyway, these envisionings haunt me. when i'm wearing particularly tall heels, i envision myself slipping and falling down the stairs and landing on my face with a broken bloody nose. when i'm with children, i envision them falling off the top of the stairs and breaking their legs. when i'm in line for roller coasters, i envision them flying off the tracks, plummeting to my sure death. these envisions make me sick to my stomach. i tend to be very much of a worry wart. or maybe just a drama queen. you decide.


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