Thursday, August 18, 2011

forgotten item

pants: Gap, top: mattie m, shoes: Paolo

cabs are here! 

jersey shore date night with Nel. 

everyone told me they loved my shirt today. really i just forgot i had it. i was digging for a pair of shoes in my closet and found it all scrunched up stuffed in a pair of converse (???) i have had to go into work early everyday this week, so i yanked the shirt out of the converse sneaker and threw it on. so SO comf. like a pajama top. i love finding forgotten items in my closet.

did i tell you that a drunken homeless man walked up to me and sister M at newport and screamed in our faces, "I WAS ATTACKED BY A DOLPHIN ON A LEASH!!!!!!!" ??? because that happened. the he grabbed Cleo by the collar and dragged her towards him. it was awkward. and a little bit mean. poor Cleo. so i said, "oh, we are meeting someone....and, we just have to go now and....bye" very sad. but mostly creepy.

tmrw JJ has the day off. he is meeting me for my lunch break and then he is planning an impromptu overnight surprise trip. OMG! how romantical. i'm so excited! 
also, did i tell you i got an ipad? yes! i did! my parents got me one for my birthday! and i'm having a blast playing with it and i can't wait to read my first digital book. and ohmygod. words with friends is so huge. it makes me pee with happiness. sdlfjadlsfal;

TGIF! (tmrw) wheeeee!

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  1. that top has such great volume! and the color is so nice and light!

    dash dot dotty


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