Friday, August 26, 2011


skirt: F21, top/belt: Gap, pirate scarf: Disneyland, heels: Paolo

last night i had the hiccups. and for some reason it really pissed JJ right off. he was SO annoyed by my hiccups. he googled ways to fix them and forced me to act out the remedies. and each time my hiccups would stop for like 10 seconds and JJ would get all excited that they were gone. then all of a sudden another hiccup would slip out. and he would shout. and i would laugh. and it turned into a hilarious game. 

i just ate a whole bag of chocolate covered peanuts. 

Nel and i are peacin' out and going to Palm Springs tomorrow. we got a sweeeet deal at the hyatt and are going to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. and we are stopping at a huge outlet mall on the way home. yeeeee! happy weekending.

also, one last thing: really Kim Kardashian with the white bridesmaid dresses? vomm.


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