Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i almost died

dress: John Paul Gaultier for Target, cardigan/sunglasses: Target, belt: Express, necklace: Nordstrom, BAG: LOUIS VUITTON

here's my baaagggggg! isn't she a beaut! i'm so proud of myself for earning this gem. every once in a while i catch myself staring lovingly at it. like it's a child. because it is. i loveeeee Louis.

my favorite part of the bag is the special thing that makes it my own:

today i feel a bit Betty Draper:

only i'm not crazy. haaaa. and i'm not a 60s housewife. i woke up this morning and decided i wanted to dress like her. and then at work someone said, "you are looking very mad men today" ... "OMG!" i said, "that's EXACTLY the look i was going for today!" 

i am a giant idiot. and i'll tell you why. i got a payment for a student at work who is sponsored by the VA. his last name is Chung. so i went to the International Student Coordinator Marsh, who also happens to be the sweetest person in the WORLD and i said, "hey Marsh, can you help me find this student's ID number?" and she said, "oh.....well, international students can't be sponsored by the VA..." OMG REALLY L?!?!?! OBVIOUSLY. like an international citizen would be a U.S. war veteran. where is my brain?

OH AND I ALMOST DIED TODAY. i was driving home from work and JJ called and said, "OHMYGOD THERE IS A BLACK WIDOW HANGING FROM OUR DOOR" and i screamed and shuddered and hung up on him and called our apartment complex immediately. first the roaches, now the widows?! i mean REALLY PEOPLE GET THE BUG/DEADLY 8-LEGGED ASSASSIN SITUATION UNDER CONTROL PLZ. our neighbor teen sprayed him down with some raid, but there is a huge ass nest right above our door frame. how safe. so basically if i had gotten home any earlier...like before JJ saw The Black Widow, i could have walked right into the bitch. and she would have taken her bite right into my neck and i would have DIED during the first week of owning Louis. 


ok gotta go. i have a 3-way skype date with my book club. and a big glass of merlot is calling my name. (i mean, i figure i might as well enjoy my life ((and therefore a glass of wine)) since i almost died today).


  1. YOUR BAG YOUR BAG YOUR BAG!! it's huge and beautiful!! congratulations on your new addition!!!

  2. 1) Love the outfit-I have been watching ungodly amounts of I love Lucy in honor of her b-day, and have decided I love her style & want to start rocking it. KUDOS!!

    2) Spiders breath through their skin- so if you ever come across a lil bugger again, coat them with something. Doesn't necessarily have to be bug killer. But if their bodies are coated then they cant breath aka die.


    thanks B! i love her.


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