Tuesday, August 2, 2011


dress: bday gift from JJ's parents, sweater: Target, heels: BCBG, purse: UO, sunglasses: Gucci

you guys. i got my FINAL JOB OFFER today! hooray! such a wonderful, great, successful day. PLUS Lucky Lucifer is thriving. (i bought him today and put bottled water in his tank and bought gems for his bowl that the pet store lady said were safe) i was a jolly old fool today. and my coworkers got me a cake and sang to me and i love them. 

yeeeeee! so happy that i am an official employee now. it feels amazing. andmayyyyybeJUSTmayyyybeimightbegoingtobuymyselfanewLVhangbagthisweekend. heeehehehehe. i just want to sing and dance and jump for joy. and now i am the sugar momma in the Hansen home because i'm bringin' home the bacon! woohoo! JJ is so proud. we celebrated by eating homemade caprese salad (yes, i cooked. well....you know, just cut shit up. that totally counts) and watched Mad Men and ice cream sandwiches. and now we are slouching around in bed with the AC blasting because it's deathly hot and humid today. but it's okay. wanna know why? BECAUSE I HAVE A PERMANENT POSITION AND ALSO A FISH WHO ISN'T DEAD. and a husband. and dog.   


  1. jobs are good! I just got a real one, too! whoopwhooop! I need to get a paycheck before I upgrade my LV collection, which I'm totally doing because I want a Speedy like NAOW. And, I love your dress. Like a lot.

  2. Congrats! And you look totes fabs

  3. Love the top pic L. Jer's getting good. So fabulous :)

  4. Love the dress! Where could I find such a gem for myself? Thanks, and I love your blog! You're too cute :)


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