Wednesday, August 17, 2011


skirt: Go International, top: Gap, flower: Old Navy, shoes: Target

1. i decided i'm going to learn how to knit. my coworker is going to teach me. i feel like it's a good life skill.

2. i had Pho for lunch and it was pho-cking good 

3. yogurt land currently has hello kitty themed bowls and spoons. so thrilling!

4. i have 5 loads of laundry staring menacingly at me. all i ever wanted was to eat nachos in bed and watch pretty little liars. (which i just did). 

5. i really did not missing cleaning the litter box. gulghhh. but 'tis worth it to have fatcat back!

6. today i had a jalapeƱo. then i touched my eye like an hour later and it stung so bad. it hurt, but in a weird way it was refreshing and cleansing and fresh. sort of how it feels when you use vicks vapor rub.

7. i took this picture with my new tripod (thanks Sand!) of the whole fam squished into our little shoebox apartment. (L to R: MM, CA, Mom, M, C, Cleo, JJ, Dad, L and Chanel)


time to go use my weekly deep-treat hair masque. have a wonderful eve!


  1. hahaha "and it was pho-cking good" you crack me up!

  2. YAY for you and tripod! So proud of you that you're using it- didn't expect to see it out of the box for another 6 months ;) ha!

  3. ps- if you learn to knit lmk (it's hard!) we can swap- I'll teach u to crochet- you teach me to knit. I'm convinced that art only comes in handy if we go to war again and you can prove you make socks and ponchos - hello 1940 :) ha!

  4. adorable family photo! ps - knitting is right up there on my list as well... Up there with sewing coats for the poodles...


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