Sunday, August 7, 2011


jeans: True Religion, tee: Target, blouse: Nordstrom, shoes: UO

omg such a busy weekend. friday night Nel and i decided to do a Vic Gardens Bar Crawl. so the two of us went to five chain restaurants and had pleeeeenty to drink. it was really fun. saturday morning i noticed a nice sized bruise/scrape on JJ's thigh. i said, "WHAT HAPPENED?!" and he said, "you don't remember? i ran into your vanity when we got home last night and you laughed at me you little bastard." hahahahhahhahhahaha i laughed again. partially because it is really funny and partially because he called me a "little bastard."

on saturday morning afternoon after we had properly hydrated and bathed, Nel and i went to the fancy schmancy mall where the real housewives of orange county shop. Nel bought herself a nice pair of Chanel sunglasses (!!!) and oh....i can't remember what i got...oh wait YES I CAN! I GOT MY LOUIS!!!!!! omg omg omg. it's to DIE for. eeeeee!!!! i will take a picture tomorrow and post. and i got my initials hot stamped onto it. it was an exhilarating purchase that i will never forget. and the pride Nel and i felt as we left the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa with our designer shopping bags (me in abercrombie shorts, and she in cutoff denim) was unbeatable. two strong, independent, working women who earned their LV and Chanel garb. sigh. it was magical. and i love the bag. it's amazing. it makes me smile when i look at it. my Mom sent me a text, "you are effing stupid. just saying." thanks mom. and sister M sent me a text, "OMG YOU ARE SO UGLY!" well, that was rude. i got another one from her, "oops! hahahahah i meant to say lucky LUCKY not ugly hahahahahah." and Rah sent me the best text, "OMG! HOW DO YOU FEEL?! and tell me, does it smell like sex and success?!" why, yes it does, Rah. yes. it. does.

saturday night i made Rachel Ray's Fried Ravioli which i actually call Cheesy Treats. because that's exactly what they are. Nel and Doo came over to eat them with me and we brought the leftovers to the stadium for our men and (surprise surprise) stayed to watch the game. only OOPS Nel and i completely COMPLETELY forgot to get our team son a goodie bag. BAD MOTHERS! so we raced to target at 10 pm and ravaged the dollar aisle and snatched up some snacks for him. 

this morning JJ and i walked Cleo to starbucks and lounged around. then we went for a bike ride. that's right people, i exercised. TWICE. in ONE day. it was pleasant. on friday i told JJ and my Mom that i wanted a treadmill. both parties laughed at me. i didn't appreciate it. i really want one. i just want to like, casually walk on it while i watch my shows. i would feel much more productive. they both told me to use the free one at our apartment complex gym. ew no. first of all, EW. i hate gyms. i really do. other people's sweat all over the place. gross. and also, what if i feel like doing the treadmill in my underwear and a bikini top and uggs? i couldn't just do that at the gym. i want the comfort of my own home. and also, i would like full control over the TV channels. and the familiarity of my surroundings. and a hot water boy to fetch me hydration when i need it. i WANT a treadmill. hmph!


  1. Can't wait to see a picture of your bag! I love buying expensive things when you've spent ages saving and worked really hard for it - it's the best :) and i'm totally with you on the treadmill - it would be so convenient to have one in my lounge....especially as it rains all summer long in England....x

  2. "smells like sex and success" ahahahaahha- you ladies are a crack up. love that.

  3. Sooooo I just spent the last hour reading through your posts, and LOL-ing at work - I snorted DP on my keyboard. Love your style!


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