Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the mustache

pants: F21, top: Nord Rack, shoes: BCBG, bracelets: various

JJ never takes a picture of anything besides me. so i was surprised that i found the following while uploading from the camera to the computer:

ohhhh Chanel. girl can't eat a meal without at least one morsel of food dropping onto the table. doesn't that globe make her look skinny/worldly? she threw up another colossal hairball this evening, followed by 8 quarts of cat vomit. she missed my computer cord by mere centimeters, instead unleashing her stomach on the corner of Catholicism in the Third Millennium: Second Edition that JJ's Mom bought for me. my cat's a heretic apparently.

this is Cleo waiting for Chanel to drop food in her path. why are dogs obsessed with any food aside from their own??? one of life's mysteries. 

in other news, my husband is growing the most atrociously disgusting molester criminal mustache i've ever seen in all my life. his coworkers are growing them too. they aren't shaving them until the Quakes lose a game. which could last two more weeks if they win the whole damn playoffs. omgggggggg. you should see him when he puts his retainer WITH the mustache. if Napolean Dynamite's brother Kip and Shaggy from Scooby Doo had a lovechild, JJ would be it.


  1. i almost can't even look at your blog anymore because i just want EVERYTHING you own!!! your outfits are always so cute. i love your style.

  2. i just started reading your blog (does that make me a creeper? i think not because we go waaay back to tap dance), it is too funny! also, I love those shoes you are wearing. and good luck with your hubs' mustache (mine tried to grow one on our honeymoon... poor timing).

  3. i demand a picture of JJ as a mustache owning child molester!!


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