Wednesday, August 10, 2011


slacks: Theory, sweater: H&M, shoes: Target

today i decided to dress like the cause of my brush with death yesterday:

 really though, don't i sort of look like i'm going to kill you in that picture? today flew by, and i'm so glad it did. when i got home from work, JJ and i decided to go to the movies. we saw The Change Up. it was pretty funny. plus we got to eat popcorn for dinner. and on the way home A LITTLE DOG RAN OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! JJ slammed on the breaks and i jumped out to save him. he was afraid of me though, so i just chased him back into a residential area and a car drove by...turns out they were his owners! they were so worried. and surprised that he had escaped. they thanked us. but really, we did it because we'd hope others would do the same for our dog in that situation. we said goodbye to the owners and the pup and then JJ and i smiled the whole way home. because saving a dog's life proves to be a good reason to smile.

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