Thursday, August 25, 2011

string cheese

skirt/belt: Ann Taylor Loft, tee: James Perse via TJ Maxx ($!0!), shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Targ, bag: Louis, sunglasses: Chanel

today i had a string cheese for breakfast. and i really hate when people eat string cheese like it's one big stick. it must be strung before eaten. i like to peel my strings into very thin, fine pieces to extend the enjoyment. today a student came into my office just after i had finished my string cheese. he was a new student so i was extra extra nice to him. i explained his tuition and fees and discussed financial aid with him and i smiled a lot. it was a nice little meeting. but after he left i felt a little tickle on my upper-lip/mustache area....OMFG. I HAD A PIECE OF STRING CHEESE HANGING OFF MY LIP THE WHOLE TIME THE STUDENT WAS IN MY OFFICE. 

such an idiot. like really, L? could i honestly not feel the cheese on my lip WHILE the student was watching my mouth--watching me TALK?!?!?!!! sometimes it's incredible how much i lose.

it's the last $2 beer night at Quakes stadium tonight and also my Kim Kardashian's wedding issue of People came in the mail. ahskfdaksdjfjkasd!!!!!

it really is the perfect Thursday.

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