Monday, August 1, 2011

a tale of two far

dress: Matix, sweater: UO, sandals: Nectar

i got these cuteeee sandals from a boutique in downtown Claremont and they go with everything. the perfect sandals.

my coworker Susie got me a betta fish for my bday:

a lavender beauty whom i named Esmerelda. and she put a pretty plant in the top and pink flower rocks on the bottom. and i love it. LOVE. the perfect office pet. 

and then.


i came into work today and she was dead. BELLY UP. with black eyes. it was quite frightening actually. and i was sad. so i flushed her ASAP because she was scary. 

and then on my lunch break i went and bought a new betta. a blue one this time. and i grabbed Esmerelda's vase and put it in the sink to wash it and add the blue fish. and i accidentally dropped the vase and it broke. and blue fish fell out of his container and was flopping around in the sink. aksdjflasfjlakds so i snatched him up and plunked him back into his container. WHAT A FIASCO. luckily there was another bowl hanging around in the storage closet at work. so blue fish went in there. and i LITERALLY didn't even have time to name him before he started floating at the top and swimming painfully sideways. WHAT?! 

i'm a fish killer.

i left blue fish at work and i hope he's still alive when i come in tomorrow. i feel bad about his traumatic day. if he's dead by tomorrow, i'm not sure what to do. get a new one or just stop while i'm ahead. i don't like the feeling of being a fish killer.

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