Wednesday, August 3, 2011

that dress

 dress: Wet Seal, sweater: JCP, shoes: Tory Burch

this is one of my favorite dresses. i got it in college. it's so comfy and easy to wear. and for some reason i just can't wear it without a yellow accent piece...

the fit is fantastic, it's stretchy and comfortable and has a neat print that never seems to go out of style!

with Moon at a college party. bulghhhhhh 40s. we used to pour a packet of crystal light into them to make them taste better. hah. note that i am wearing the exact same sweater haaaahahahaha. omg.

in Austria. Moon took this shot when i was taking a rest during our 24584 mile accidental hike in the woods.

everybody has "that dress" they can wear over and over again. this is mine. it makes me happy. and all the memories i have while wearing it come flooding back each time i put it on.

*** i am sorely disappointed that no one (except for Moon) got my PECAN SANDIES impersonation as ROGER FROM AMERICAN DADDDDD***


  1. L- only you would accidently hike in a dress. love the 40's. classy.

  2. but i've never seen american dad! and i think i have like 5 dresses like that and i love them all like little babies.

  3. this dress is also like the jeans from sisterhood of the traveling pants, it fits EVERYONE! including myself.

  4. Love the face in the Austria picture. And I know the exact voice that comes with that look!


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