Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

dodger game

 soooooo tiny. yet she needs her own chair.

 Cleo with Grandpapa Hansen to say goodbye to us. he babysat her for the weekend while we were in SB. 

 Moses. (gangrene almost healed in this pic. the official bandage removal was done sunday morning HALLELUJAH!)


awwwwwwwww loverz

people are always writing names and love notes inside of hearts drawn on the sand. so me and JJ wrote "douchebag" OMG ARE WE 12?!

 adorable, whimsical little cupcake place called Whodidily's that my favorite little darlings M, S and Baby P love. going here made me miss themmmm. they are the best cupcakes EVER.

a peanut butter cupcake for breakfast that i ate in bed. HEAVEN.

 and if a cupcake in bed was not enough, why not have a room service breakfast on the balcony?!



JJ's brother Ree and his girlfriend Lore came to my party on sunday and brought me this monster cupcake OMFG the frosting was STRAWBERRY flavored and delicious. well. THIS (above) is what happens when you leave a delicious strawberry frosting cupcake out in the open. but srsly. look at his face. little piglet.

 LOLOL my mom sent me this pic. that's me in the middle. barf. and my cousin B Charles on the left and my other cousin B Mike on the right. we're just a few awkward gangly teens. hahahhhh ohhhhh the teen years.

i'm obsessed with my dog.

i wanted to take that exit. JJ said no. scrooge.

 well. blue fish was dead as a doornail this morning. and i didn't feel like having sushi for breakfast so i flushed him. sigh. SO. NOW. i decided to try one more time. meet my final (hopefully) betta. named Lucifer. Lucky Lucifer. and i got big beautiful gems for him to swim with. and also when i put my finger to the glass and drag it along, he follows. OMG. he loves me.


  1. the pictures of cleo kill me! i need my own little puppy to be bffs with cleo, they could send each other cute little puppy goodies!

  2. omggggggg YES B. YES YES YES

  3. OMG!! I drove to NV this weekend & there was a Christmas Tree Park. I also did not get to detour off...

  4. hahahahaha CHRISTMAS IN JULY!

  5. Are you letting the water sit out for several hours before putting your fish in? The water should be at room temperature before transferring your fish.

  6. that picture of JJ and the cupcake. priceless. "I am a little piggy" (circa southpark). :) xoxo.

    ps- Cle's as cute as ever!


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