Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what's on L's phone?!



 splash mountain

 Chase and Chase. hahahaa

JJ gets the funniest mugs at Corky's!

awkward family beach shot. poor JJ had to work. note M's husband nuzzling Cleo. wtf? hahahaa

 Cle and me at the beach.

M's husband C, M and me at the Quakes game

Dad, Mom, MM and CA. Quakes!


Dad and half yard of beer!

my new passport photo. i went to costco to get this taken. there was a man checking out across from me wearing a Gonzaga t-shirt. i said "GO ZAGS!" and he asked me how i knew them. i said i went to school there. he was all excited and said, "wow, good for you!!!! what did you study?" and i said "public relations and English" and he was very nice and said, "oh great, right on! and what do you do now?" and before i knew what happened, i had said the biggest lie ever: "oh, i teach at Claremont Graduate University." OMFG. lie. LIE. i don't even know how or why i said that. have you ever done that? just straight up lied for no reason and you didn't even mean to?? omggggg. i wanted to tell the truth after i said it. but i would have looked even stupider if i had to rescind my comment and apologize for being a dumbass. aye yi yi.

 you can imagine what i'm saying in this pic...and yes, i got a tattoo. my sisters and i got them on a whim in Newport Beach. it was good clean fun. we all got the roman numeral 4. 4 sisters. get it? okay good. i got mine on my ankle, M and CA got theirs behind their ears and MM got hers on her wrist. pretty sweet. while we were waiting a girl came in to get her nips pierced. i can't imagine that was a pleasant experience. like, ew. no. but then again...what am i saying? "no, i'll pass on the boobie rings, but i'll take the needle jabbing into my flesh, making a permanent mark on my body." to each their own.

we also got matching touristy "newport tattoo" t-shirts. haaahahahahaa



  1. The Pic of M. at Disneyland looks EXACTLY like the pic taken of her when I took her there: front seat, arms up. But VERY SCARY when it's a four-year-old! To quote you: OMG!


    But really, you could teach.


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