Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

 chanel pretending she's skinny and can fit in tiny places.

 you guys. this is totally gross. but i pulled that shit OUT OF MY NOSE. a red irish freak gorilla hair. that was like an inch and a half long. attached to a booger. but srsly WTF?! how did i not discover that thing until now?????

hello kitty themed froyo!

i blew this pic up so you could read the sign. hahahahhah Cleo is such a rule breaker!

no i'm not a leper. i got tar on my foot at the beach. and i didn't know until my foot was sticking to the inside of my ugg. so now i have tar in my ugg. and JJ yelled at me for tracking the tar into the house. so i jumped in the shower. then i got the tar all over the shower. which annoyed JJ even more. so he interrupted me and pulled my foot out of the shower and scrubbed it with a sponge and vegetable oil. then he made me clean the shower with the sponge and vegetable oil. and it was a danger zone because it was SO slippery. i slid all around and fell twice.

"you bought yourself Louis, now i want something," he said.
JJ's new bike that he rides to work.

so official.

JJ packed my lunch this morning and even wrote LGH on the brown paper bag. it was so cute. i got a sandwich, a la croix and these cherry tomatoes. they are so pretty.

we met JJ for dinner at the Quakes stadium tonight. taco salad and water with two plastic forks at his desk. how romantic!


  1. JJ is so GREEN! Riding a bike to work? Touche!

    PS - love the idea of you cleaning a shower with vegetable oil. Just HILAR.

  2. I can't handle your nose hair, it didn't look so bad on my phone but on her bulgghhhh!

    P.S. TAR??? On the beach??? WTF?! How does that happen?

  3. that nose hair booger was ridiculous! OMG! laughed so hard i cried.

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