Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

not amused.

sister M posted her wedding pics!

sisters. me, m, ca, mm.

HOORAY FOR THE QUAKES LAST HOME GAME BEFORE THE PLAY-OFFS! JJ's mother and i are completely thrilled!

dear L: this is shameful. just shameful. great outfit, though.

Nel chillin on the Hyatt balcony in the Springs.

that swimsuit is just inappropriate. but, i have to hand it to him...at least he manscapes so his pubes are hanging out of those microscopic shorts. srsly. i will never forget the frightful image of being on swim team with my sister M when we were at the wee ages of just 7 and 5. and there was a high school kid on the team. he had red hair. and just like all the other males on the team, he wore a speedo. let's just say the carpet matched the drapes to a horrifying degree. HORRIFYING.

BL limes by the pool? ummmm DUH.

 in the words of Nel's 12:43 a.m. text message to her husband: "palm springs rules!"

hahahahhaha! new magnet from Rah. love it!

before you freak out...that's so NOT a turd. in fact, it's a Chanel hairball. i know this because i stepped on it. and it squished between my toes and i almost threw up. she hacked up three of these. the size of hotdogs. lsdfkjlsdjfk OHMYGODDDDD so gross. i hate her sometimes. thinking we may have to do this again:
rawr! fierce! for the full story, click here (photo circa July 2007).

Nel's husband carrying her purse LOLOLOLOL

 hahahahahha my mom sent this to me of my dad PTFO at like 7:30 p.m. in his chair. with his belly hanging out. hahahahahah i love this. hahahaahhahahaahaaaa

 Rob Lowe is just DEMANDING to made fun of in this photo. what a douche.

an evening tea made by my hubbles in my new Anthro teacup :)


  1. Hahaha love the Rob Lowe pose, but look at your legs!! Are those tan lines or a shadow???

  2. 1) who took the "not amused" picture? It's an odd self portrait, if that's what it is.
    2) LOVE the shot of the sisters. My heart swells....
    3) In the 10 months Chanel lived here, she never vomited anything-including a hairball. What the heck?
    4) I remember that kid on swim team! His "situation" appalled us mothers...I can only imagine the trauma it inflicted on your wee psyches.
    5) Thanks for the magnet, Sarah!
    6) Dad would kill you for posting that picture of him (if he read your blog!)
    7) I just read Rob Lowe's book...it was pretty interesting!
    8) love you :)


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