Friday, August 5, 2011


dress: Converse, shoes: Old Navy, sunglasses: Gucci

last night Nel came over with pizza and we cracked open a bottle of wine to watch the jersey shore in Italy premier. it was classy. reallllllll classy. 

anyway, i went to the post office on my lunch break yesterday. where i stood in a hot, stuffy 3-mile long line. and then someone farted in that line. i mean HOW RUDE can you get? to fart in those conditions? it was so inappropriate. and it smelled like a dead, rotting rat covered in hard boiled eggs.

anyway, then i went to taco bell and it was delicious. after i finished my lunch i realized i had extra time. so i popped over to Nordstrom for a new case for my phone. and a cute gay man came up to me and told me i had beautiful ombre hair. how nice?! JJ didn't notice, but at least that gay man did. 

netflix increased their prices and i'm pissed. JJ and i argued this morning about which plan we should change to (currently we are on the 2 DVDs out + unlimited streaming)...and he said, "L, we don't even USE unlimited streaming." and i said "YES YES YES I DO! I WATCH AMERICAN DAD ON UNLIMITED STREAMING ALLL THE TIME" and he said, "well the price is ridiculous. we aren't going to pay that much." so now we just have one DVD out + NO unlimited streaming. hmph. WELL...we'll see who has the last laugh when i order all the seasons of american dad on amazon...

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  1. love dress pockets. best invention ever. TGIF sister! xo.


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