Monday, September 19, 2011

angry sugar

 skirt: Target, tee: Nordstrom Rack. cardigan: JCP, belt: Gap, shoes: Missoni for Targ!!!

i ate a drumstick after dinner and i immediately regretted my decision. like, immediately. especially since i had Indian food for lunch. this outfit is boring, sorry. i sort of look like a grandmother or something. but the shoes--oh the shoes, i love them. 

yesterday i went to ikea with Nel. i came very close to purchasing a duvet covered in pink roses, but i resisted. instead i bought candlesticks, a toilet brush, 2 cutting boards, a shitty piece of artwork for my office (the blank white wall was KILLING me. this is a temporary fix) and an espresso cup for JJ.

a student walked into my office today and caught me picking my nose. it's only the second time i've been caught since i started working at CGU in February...which i think is pretty good, based on the amount of time i spend up my nostrils each day. you know how some people have comfort food or security blankets? well i have my pointer finger and my nose. they just fit so perfectly together.  

Cleo was attacked today by the killer 5-pound maltese next door inappropriately named Sugar. she bit poor Cleo who screamed like a little girl. so rude. Sugar's moo-moo-wearing owner doesn't even leash him (yes, Sugar is a boy). and she also leaves Sugar's Shit behind. at least when JJ forgets a doggie poo bag he has the decency to kick the turd into the bushes. i would complain to the landlords, but Sugar's owner is so sweet and so friendly that i would feel bad if she got in trouble. 

off to watch more bootlegged episodes of the good wife! xo


  1. sugar is the most ridiculous name for a dog ever, the end. and you look very glamorous, not at all boring, the end.

  2. What do you mean, "look like a grandmother"? I never, ever looked this hot!By the way, my word is "fralics". Would you define that as "having fun with priests"?

  3. I have a dog named sugar! I think it's appropriate and adorable for her (female). Shes a cute little terrier the color of raw sugar... She also plays well with Cleo.

  4. i love your candor and the fact that you are yourself and stuff those who have a problem with it. You are great, wonderful and you rock! When i grow up (and I'm 35) i want to be just like you - comfy in my skin

  5. I laughed so hard at your nose picking that I stopped breathing... you know that kind? The silent laugh? I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. :) The fashion, the humor, the day to day stuff you post, I enjoy it all. :) I'll definitely keep checking back.


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