Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the best burrito

pants: Gap, top: F21, shoes: Target

the first time i wore this shirt was in college. and i wore it with a black lace bra. and some assnugget made fun of my tiny boobies. rude.  

today is the day that i ate the best burrito of MY LIFE! my coworker brought it to me and it was so perfectly delicious that i finished every last bite. it even came with homemade hot sauce OMG!!!

last night my book club had a skype meeting. only skype wasn't working. so today we all complained and demanded refunds. we are going to switch to oovoo instead. also i found a giftcard from our wedding to Macy's with $33. so great! what a little treat. 

JJ is watching Man vs. Food right now and i might throw up. the guy is like eating a whole dead cow. what a fatso. lately we have been watching those 9/11 documentaries and last night JJ dreamed that Osama Bin Laden was in our room. so we decided to watch something a little less.....heavy tonight. 

ok i gotta go google "cat grooming in rancho cucamongross" and then JJ and i are going to watch father of the bride. classic! "repent! reeeeCOIL! release!!!!" hahaahahhahhhhhh

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