Tuesday, September 20, 2011

clown with a cold sore

pants: F21, top: Mac & Jac, shoes: Steve Madden via Ross, sungalsses: Target

this morning i woke up to the hugest zit on my lip. like HUGE. it was nasty. it looked like i had a cold sore. so i put on red lipstick, hoping to blend/cover up the blemish. instead i looked like a clown with a cold sore. 

i may or may not have farted in the stairwell in the library at work today and laughed at the echo.

JJ and i met in the middle today for lunch. we work too far apart for me to meet him near his work and vice versa. so we had PIZZAAAA and it was delicious. and it was so nice to see him in the middle of the day. only i didn't want to go back to work when we were done. i wanted to go home and take a nap and hang out with him the rest of the day. but we decided that we should meet for lunch once a week. isn't that a nice little husband/wife get together? i thought so.

GLEE PREMIERE TONIGHT! i can HARDLY stand it!!!!!! i'm so soossoo excited!

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