Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i'm such a nice wife

skirt: F21, blouse: William Rast for Target, heels: Steve Madden via Ross

the fall wreath is out! even though it was 95 brutal degrees out today. wahh.

today i was picking my nose at my desk when a sly little booger fell out of my nostril and into my tea. and it was a full cup of tea. it was so delicate the way it landed...so soft and gracefully, barely skimming the top of the surface. after frowning at it for about 15 seconds, i just fished out the little boog and kept drinking my tea. 

i love light pink and red together. it's so girlie and makes my eyes happy.

i went to moneyball tonight with JJ. it was the most boring movie i've ever seen aside from miracle when i fell asleep in the theater and my dad was all annoyed with me. sports are so uninteresting to me. like, the whole movie was about player and statistics and trading and winning and blah blah blah. and brad pitt was wearing a visor. he lost 35% of his sex appeal with that visor. but you know, i went because JJ wanted to see it. i'm so nice i could die. 

is it really only tuesday?!?!?!


  1. uuuugh i do that all the time with david and his stupid denzel movies. the things we do for them. although i guess david watches ridiculous girlie movies with me, but his are WAY WORSE. i always have to close my eyes and take a short nap during chase scenes because all the crap happening at once gives me a headache.

  2. I cannot WAIT to see Moneyball! The triumph of brains over ability and money -- the only way I have ever achieved success!

  3. Moneyball was sooooo good!!!! You're lame :)


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