Thursday, September 1, 2011

lazy mofo

dress: Go International for Target, top: Rave, boots: Miz Mooz

JJ cooked dinner tonight and is now vacuuming and cleaning and packing his bag for this weekend's trip to SF. i took a 40 minute shower and am now laying in bed blogging and watching Jersey Shore. hahahaaaa i'm such a lazy MOFO. 

today was a country glam sort of day. i liked it. except at the end of the day, the little knot i made with my shirt was really putting a lot of pressure on the ol belleroo. i had a total tummy ache by the time i got home. JJ told me to undo the knot and i instantly felt better. it reminded me of when i was in kindergarten and i got a headache at school and i went to the nurse's office crying. well i ended up going home. and 2 minutes later my mom took off my headband and wah-lah! headache disappeared. hahahhh 

ok now JJ just went outside to clean out the car. i should be a little productive and at least brush my teeth. 

but before i leave you, Behold the Mustache of my Dreams:

 and the patchy little piece of hair below his lip. sighhhhhh


  1. Dirty stash and flava sava! Niiiice!

  2. yeesss. he might need to borrow an eyebrow pencil until it fills in. but he is doing a nice job of keeping it all creepy like. ha

  3. Jerrrrrrrrrremyyyyyy!!! Ew ew ew!!!

  4. I have a very stupid friend from Tennessee who writes "Whaa-la" or whatever you wrote. The word is "voila". Don't be a boob!
    Your Mensa Mimi


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