Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 skirt: i heart ronson for JCP, top: BCBG. shoes: Ross

my coworker said to me, "you look like Prince in that shirt" hahahahahhaah i totally do. 

okay let's talk Missoni for Target. i assumed (foolishly) that the good ol' Inland Empire would be filled with non-Missoni-knowing folk. i should have been clued in when i saw that target.com had crashed. i held out hope that on my lunch break there would be plenty to choose from. i ended up having somewhat of a poopy (not literally) morning at work so i was reallllllly looking forward to a successful Missoni trip.

i got to Target. BOOOO. all i found was a measly pair of underwear. everything else was cleaned out or the wrong size. i was so angry. i even stomped my heeled foot on the ground in front of the empty racks like a brat. SOOOO DISAPPOINTING. so i forced my sister M to go to the target in fashion-illiterate Yakima. she's such a little dear. SOLD. OUT. my heart was broken. i almost cried. almost.

so i sadly finished my day. then stopped at another target on my way home from work. just to see if they had something...and they had the matching bralette to my underwear in my size! gold! AND i managed to squeeze my butt into a child's XL skirt! score! it's a liiiiiittle short, but will look fine with tights i think. AND my mother in law called to say she found a pair of pumps in my size AND my sister in law called to say she found a t-shirt in my size! hooray for the people who love me. 

and while doing a victory dance around the apartment to show JJ the joy of my Missoni...i stubbed my toe on the antique chest and this happened:


but alas, i am writing this blog Missoni-clad, with a smile on my face.


  1. missoni is not new to target? why all the hubub w/ this seasons new arrivals? is it the color & fun print filled commercials?

  2. sarah: i think you may be confusing missoni with mossimo! missoni is doing this one-time collaboration with target for only a short period of time. and the line is GORGEOUS

  3. lol- please give me more credit then confusing missoni w/ mossimo.

    im not a smart WO-man, but i know what mossimo is.....

  4. LOL--okay Sarah, sorry about that. but hmmmmmmmmmmmmm why do you think Missoni is not new to target? is there something i don't know about here???

  5. Not sure where you live in the Inland Empire, but the Target by the Tyler Mall still has Missoni! I was surprised to see how much was left! But hurry because I was there Thursday!


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