Wednesday, September 21, 2011

nutella & happiness

pants/cardigan: BCBG outlet, top: j.crew

i am sitting here in my bed with my dog and my cat and we are sort of too tired to blog. JJ is at the dodger game with his friends and so me and the Cs are busy watching seinfeld and folding laundry and eating nachos and drinking red wine. 

these pants were even more wrinkly before this picture was taken (if you can believe it) i ironed them while i was wearing them and i burned my knuckle in the process. and it hurts. wahhhh. and i have a headache and i'm unexplainably grumpy. and i want someone to bring be some crepes. smothered in nutella and happiness. 


  1. This is a fantastic outfit! Love love love! Following!

    Best, Lindsey

  2. I love this outfit!! Great cardigan and the pants look so comfy! That's pretty impressive you ironed them while wearing them!!! I love your blog!! :)

  3. I love everything about this photo...your living room...your outfit...too cute!

  4. I found your blog last night via pinterest and I'm officially obsessed! Getting so many great ideas from you. I love that you mix high end stuff with tj max and target! It's awesome! The best part is I am laughing and relating to your daily Stories all while getting fab ideas!!


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