Tuesday, September 6, 2011


dress: Gap, belt: Vintage, shoes: Italy

i have a phat grey cat sitting on my chest, which makes it quite difficult to type. but i'll press on. Her Royal Highness got mad at us for leaving her this weekend and decided to teach all of us a lesson by tinkling and shitting on Cleo's bed. so now we have to give her extra attention so she doesn't feel left out.

this evening i saw JJ downloading music while wearing his earphones. i asked him what he was buying and he got a flustered and awkward and embarrassed and i leaned over just in time to see a bright pink screen. KATY PERRY'S LAST FRIDAY NIGHT hahahahahahh CAUGHT YA!!! while Nel and i were in palm springs, we whipped out my phone to play some tunes while we got ready to go out. my phone has all JJ's music on it since my dino computer struggles. i pressed "top 25 most played" and out comes my girl Ke$ha, Gaga and Katy Perry. OMG. we died DIED laughing. JJ defends himself saying, "SHUT UP THOSE ARE GREAT SONGS TO RUN TO!" sure, JJ. sure.

OMFG SF was so funnnnnn! we had a blast. it was such a quick trip but it was great to have a double date weekend with JJ's brother R and his GF L-Licious. they are smitten kittens. so in lurrrrve. so sweet.

so we did lots of touristy things like go to Pier 39, stare at the sea lions, get $25 worth of salt water taffy...and obvi we went to Boudin and ALCATRAZ!!! and they all wanted the bush man to scare the shit out of me, but he was on his lunch break. anyway, the weekend FLEW by, but here are a few pics:

 breakfast by the water

 "if it wasn't a jail, it'd make a really great resort." -JJ. hahahaha 

freezing ass cold SF boat ride.




R and L-Licious


  1. Love that dress. It fits perfectly. Is it a recent purchase from the Gap? I'd love to get one :)

  2. yes--but it was on sale. i bought it a few weeks ago!

  3. Well it's adorbs! Might have to go see if I can find myself one :)


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