Thursday, September 15, 2011

the social spider web

dress; Converse, belt/blazer: Gap, heels: gift from Moon/Asos

you know what i found? an Abas iPad case at TJ Maxx for $29 that's being sold at Neiman Marcus for $130. if that's not a STEAL, then i don't know what is. i made this phenomenal purchase then turned right around and spend the same amount on a bottle of hairspray. it's funny how that happens. 

today at work we all went to the official installment of the university's 15th president (hence the blazer. fact: i own 1 suit. it's beige and linen. gorgeous, but so not conventional. and just too Miami-ish and surprisingly dressy for work functions). after the ceremony there was a reception with fruit and pastries (!!!) i grabbed some grub and headed for one of the few tables. i THOUGHT the rest of my coworkers were right behind me, but no. i stood around the Most Awkward Table Ever. when the man to my left introduced himself to me and the lady on my right divulged in his boring rant about law school, i immediately regretted my decision to stand at the Most Awkward Table Ever. but it was too late. i couldn't have backed out just as quickly as i arrived. i had already set down my plate of food, i couldn't just i introduced myself and made an uncomfortable gesture towards my name tag. i hate these situations. you are just forced to stick them out until the earliest possible moment of escape. it's like SHUT UP TODD WE KNOWWWWW YOUR DAUGHTER IS THE BEST PLAYER ON HER SOCCER TEAM...AND YES SHARON WE ARE COMPLETELY AWARE THAT YOUR SON IS A PILOT WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE SINGLE GHODDDD JUST SHUT UP ALREADYYYY but i politely listened to them all compete in the verbal contest to see who was more educated, and finally--FINALLY my coworkers called me over to them to leave, and i was able to excuse myself. i chastised myself for falling into that social spider web of a trap.

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