Monday, September 26, 2011

storage units are scary

tee: McQueen for Target, shorts: Hollister, Hunter boots

i didn't feel like blogging this weekend. i just didn't have anything cool to say. boo L. 

but now i do.

did you know that i have a bff who works for zappos? yes, Moon does! and she got me these new cool boots that i'm obsessed with for a really good deal!! i love them. i wore them all day on saturday. even at home when i was laying on the couch in my underwear watching the good wife. JJ got annoyed with me because i kept putting my booted feet on his lap, so he tried to pull them off of me. except my feet were bare on the inside and were stuck to the boot. so he just struggled and struggled to pull them off while i laughed viciously at him. it was hilar.

we went to the sound of music sing-along at the Hollywood bowl on saturday night and it was so much fun! we met JJ's family for a fancy picnic beforehand, then we all went in and snuggled into our seats and sang (well, yelled) all the songs at the top of our lungs. it was wonderful fun!!

yesterday we did one thing. we literally only did ONE productive thing. we went to the storage unit. other than that, we sat on our asses ALL DAY and watched tv. it was tres American of us. anyway, we got to the storage unit and just so you know, JJ's one job in life is to remember the lock combination. and can you guess what he forgot??? laskdlkjdsf it was so annoying. so we walked to the front office arguing and being mean to each other out of frustration with the forgotten combo, and we were about to dial the number to a locksmith, when all of a sudden the clouds parted and an angel whispered the combo into JJ's ear. it just came to him out of the blue. so i kissed him and told him how wonderful he was then we went to open the damn thing. and i don't know if it's too much of the good wife or what, but i had visions of myself being killed and stuffed into a storage unit to rot permanently. i mean, that is the stuff of criminals right there. that's how they get rid of people. and that isn't how i want to die. the whole thought process gave me the heebeejeebees so i was like "OK JJ LETS GET OUR SHIT AND GTF OUT OF HERE" and then i realized that the one thing we came to get (duvet cover) was actually under the bed in our apartment. doh!


  1. GIVE ME YOUR BOOTS!!!! i deeeeesperately want a navy or yellow or red pair of hunter wellies. i can't decide which one i want most. the pink is perfection on you, though, you look so cute!!

  2. oh and i hate going to our storage unit. HATE HATE HATE.

  3. OMG I once went to hear the von Trapp Children in concert on their American tour and they let the crowd sing along Edelweiss with them. LOVE! Love the boots too

  4. I spent an hour in the storage unit on Sunday! Searching for fall decor. urrgghh. Stupid 1 bedroom apartments.


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