Thursday, September 8, 2011


dress: Matix, shirt: my old shirt that was a hand-me-down to my little sister MM...then i retrieved it out of her Goodwill pile 5 years later, shoes: Marshalls

OH! i made a facebook page for the little blog. if you avert your gorgeous eyes to the right, you will see a FB "like" button. press it. then when i post a blog, it will show up on your mini-feed. what a wonder! make your friends like me too. please?!!? because right now i look like a total loser because i only have like 4 "likes" and it's made up of my sisters and JJ.

today is the day that a student came into my office and yelled at me. and i had hurt feelings. but then i remembered my job. and how in general, people aren't particularly chipper when coming into my office and handing over thousands of dollars for a higher education. SO, i've got to learn not to take the rudeness personally. and eventually he apologized because i was nothing but sweetness and unicorns and rainbows to him. lesson of the day: sugar goes a long way people. 

this dress is awesome. i love it. but it's impossible to take off. it takes two to get the job done. it has to be taken off over the head. and every time when it's at my shoulders i always scream because it hurts and JJ screams back that i startled him. then it suffocates me and scratches my ears and finally, when it's pulled all the way off, JJ throws it on the ground in frustration and i kick it across the room and vow never to wear the stupid thing again. then i forget and four months later i want to wear it because it's so cute and comfy and we go through the same thing all over again.

JJ and i are sitting in bed together drinking rose tea and trying to pick a netflix. how wonderfully romantic are we? 


  1. What dress is AWESOME? In the pic you are wearing a skirt and shirt. Don't confuse your old mimi!

  2. I'm laughing at the image of you attempting to get the dress off, with Jer screaming in the background. Hilarious. And I agree, unicorns and rainbows go a long way when people get crabby with you at work. Happy Friday!

  3. mimi: it's a dress with a shirt over the top! duhhh! you boob.

  4. How do you capture your pics? Does someone take them for you, or do you use a self timer? Love them, and I LOVE your blog. And you,, scratch the kinda. You're TOO EFFING CUTE!


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