Wednesday, September 28, 2011


sweater: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, pants: *cough* Hot Topic *cough*, belt: TJ Maxx, shoes: Target

i severely regretted wearing a turtleneck today. it was hot as hades. and my neck got all itchy and sweaty. so uncomfortable.

i love these red pants. even though i got them from hot topic. they were only $30. what a steal! today i bought Chanel two bags of food for two reasons: 1. she eats a lot, and 2. i got a $5 target giftcard for buying them. i also was supposed to get Cleo food too, but the specialty store i buy it from is closed for the week. the guy with the weirdly long skinny beard who owns it must be on vacation.

JJ has been locked out of his facebook. it's the most annoying/hilarious thing in the world. FB made him change his password a while ago, then he forgot it. when he guessed it wrong too many times, FB told him they sent him a password reset to his email. only his email address is the one from college that is no longer active. so THEN FB told him to choose two he chose me and Rah. and we two friends were sent a code to our emails, that we then had to relay back to JJ so he could prove that he was his real self to FB. and it didn't work. so FB has literally locked him out. and it's not like he can dial 1-800-FACEBOOK and talk to Mark Zuckerberg. i think the only option for him is to create a new profile, but JJ is convinced that he will be able to figure it out. i least facebook is secure....right?? it has been QUITE the run-around trying to solve this puzzle.

this video makes me's SO true:


  1. LOL - #1 JJ. #2 The Video. HAHHAHAAH so accurate!

  2. So I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I came across it randomly and i think its hilarious. So I have a short story involving it- Ive been reading your blog for several days now and showing my husband random parts or telling him some of the jokes (like the European one), which he doesnt find funny but I just have to laugh.
    Anywho, couldnt sleep tonight so at 300am I came out on the couch to read your blog on my laptop and eat some salsa ranch dip from central market. No shame. Then my husband came out to the living room catching me in all my dip eating glory and said, "Your reading that blog again are'nt you?" I laughed and said yes to which he triumphently declared, "I knew it!" That for some reason was hilarious to me at 3 in the morning Anyyyyywayz, keep up the good work. Great stuff.

  3. hahaha thanks JnnBird--i love that you love my crazy blog! and that your husband caught you eating at 3 am while reading it...LOL


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