Saturday, September 17, 2011

Top Quality Wig!

pants: J Brand, blouse: F21, cardigan: Ross

last night i partook in one of my favorite old pastimes: talking on the phone with Moon for almost three hours trying to pick out halloween costumes for this year. it was so fun. and we found this which is the most hilarious thing either of us have ever seen. you could be marie antoinette OR mrs. claus! hahahahhahaha

i watched 4 straight episodes of my new favorite show: The Good Wife. it's SO addicting. watch it. you won't regret it. Chris Noth (aka Big) plays the main character's cheating public figure husband, which is fitting because i never did like Big...

today we are going to JJ's grandmother's 88th birthday party at his parents' house (should be a realllll rager!) when we pull up to their gated community, Cleo gets so excited she cannot contain herself. she whines and barks and wags her tail. and as soon as we open the car door, she beelines it into the house. she loves JJ's Dad because he feeds her infinite pieces of turkey lunch meat. after we return home, Cleo lays around with an agitated look on her face and has alternating diarrhea and deadly farts. but she loves the turkey meat--and JJ's Dad loves giving it to her. so we don't interrupt the joy the two of them share over a little bit of Hillshire Farms.

Chanel tried to assassinate me last night. she stepped on my neck and tried to cut off my breathing supply. i woke up coughing and sputtering and she stared me down, never breaking eye contact and slowly swishing her tail. she's so creepy. not to mention rude.

happy saturday my friends.

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  1. I like you! Your blog is awesome!!! AND you're funny! and you have great taste!


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