Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

my sparkle band-aid. my coworker Marsh pointed out how it looks like a Nordstrom gift card. hahahah it totally does!

R and JJ at Alcatraz. their mom really wanted this pic. 

R and L-Licious out on the town. R saw this pic and said, "i look like a hobo" hahahaaa

$25 or 2.5 pounds worth of taffy.

L squared + mimosas.

my bday present from JJ finally came!!! a gold necklace with my initials LGH. heeeee i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!

the most adorable iPad case ever in life.

Alcatraz with JJ and his mustache.


 JJ's mom sent me this pic while they were doggiesitting for us this last weekend. Cle got to go to home depot in her purse! teeee heheheeee i have the cutest dog ever.


  1. oh my gosh I love that necklace!! I've been wanting one just like that forever (except with my initials, of course, haha)! Where did he get it from?


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