Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what's on L's phone?!


 i got gum in my hair

Nel and i had to make a scrapbook for our Quakes "son" so i printed out pictures of him on saturday. they were all sprawled out around me and i looked like a total stalker.

the finished product!

love you JJ. hate your mustache.

 Foxy Cleopatra

i got JJ this plate. and he was more excited about it than he was about the macbook i bought him for his birthday last year. 

the molestache's progress. jklsdflsdfjl 

Cleo's collar doubles as a bracelet.

Chanel and her arch nemesis

JJ's new counterfeit Gretsky jersey direct from China. 


has anyone seen Chanel?

 our nephews M&M at the Quakes game

sleepover at Auntie L and Uncle JJ's house!

 OMG. this lady walks barefoot in a denim skirt every morning while JJ is running on the treadmill. srsly? our apartment complex has some realllllll gems.

 Chanel's last photo before her haircut.


  1. The barefoot skirted exeriser, the molestache, the lion. I can't. Just can't. hahahha

  2. hahaha I love the cheeky pap of the woman in the classy denim number!


  3. Oh dear. The moustache. Yikes!


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