Friday, September 9, 2011

white trash lunch break

jeans: Gap, sweater: H&M, headband: F21, watch: gift from Rah

there's always time for puppy snuggles. 

today i did something so white trash. i went to a tattoo parlor on my lunch break. CALM DOWN. it's because the one i got in palm springs is lookin' a little janky...turns out a tattoo from a man named Dollar isn't very quality. SO i walked in there while a Big Man was in the middle of inking a guy's forearm. it was a portrait of what looked like JFK or maybe it was Ricky from secret life of the american teenager, i'm not quite sure. but i barged in with my obnoxious headband (which i'm obsessed with by the way. it usually doesn't make its way out until the holidays roll around, but i was in the mood for its festiveness today. it gets mixed reviews, this headband. some love. some hate) and the Big Man looked up and nodded hello. i said "hiya, i got a shitty tattoo in palm springs and i need it touched up." and he motioned me right back to where he was sitting. i carefully stepped towards him and showed him my wrist. i was quite nervous that Louis was going to slip off my arm and hit Big Man and he would imprint a big black unwanted jaggety stripe across the portrait, so i set my bag down. Big Man asked me where i got the tattoo. i said, "you know...the night was a liiiiittle blurry. i had been drinking." and all of a sudden Big Man and Forearm Portrait Guy thought i was the cat's pajamas and i felt like QUITE the badass. they totally thought i was cool. and they laughed and said "well at least you didn't get something horrible!" and i almost said, "yeah, i guess i could have gotten a portrait of JFK/Ricky on my forearm..." but i didn't. 

so Big Man told me i needed to wait until my skin was completely healed before getting it touched up otherwise i could get a staff infection. barf. so i'm going back in a month.

and then i went to target to buy tampons and chips and dip. i might as well grow a mullet and buy a gun. that was just too much white trash for one day.

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