Thursday, October 6, 2011

chanel can hunt

pants: J Brand, top: Nordstrom Rack, sweater: BCBG

another cold-ish day--so lovely! i spent my lunch break wandering the aisles of target and found a sale on kraft homestyle mac n cheese. it turned out to be the most delicious mac n cheese ever in life, you must try it! it's especially tasty with buffalo sauce. 

Chanel hunted down a moth and killed it and ate it today (!!!!!) she like swallowed it whole. like it was a tasty treat. it was gross. but also fascinating. even though she is a pansy inside cat with no claws, she is still instinctual and can pounce and kill like a lion.  

I got a present from my friend Sabs today in the mail--two tshirts (one inappropriate to tell you about) and the other that reads "my blog is more fashionable than yours" teeheeee. i love them. and her.

we turned on the big orange glow in the dark pumpkin tonight--fall is finally here! and now we are all snuggled up in bed watching Arthur (with Russel Brand) while Cleo gnaws on a bone. this movie is really hilar. i love Russel Brand. he's hilariously gangly and sweet. so i'm going to go. and continue watching him.


  1. i love that shirt, what brand is it?

  2. it's some old lady brand...i dug it up among cat sweaters and turtlenecks at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago. i cut the tag out long ago because it itched my neck. sorry!

  3. I love your pants! Where did you get them


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