Monday, October 10, 2011

columbus day

blouse: Free People, pants: Union, faux leather jacket: F21

mondays are a pain in the anus. really. they are. it's like one minute you're all "OHMYGOD I LOVE THAT IT'S 3 PM AND I'M STILL IN MY SWEATS" on sunday and then your alarm slaps you in the face and says "GET THE FUDGE UP, GET DRESSED AND PUT SOME MAKEUP ON YOU OGRE." so rude. 

saturday we went to the wsu vs. ucla game at the rosebowl (oh goodie. i just love sports) and sunday night we decided on an impromptu trip into LA to spend some time with JJ's sister and her husband and kids M&M. we went out for pizza, JJ's other sister showed up with cupcakes for dessert (!!!) and then little M threw up his pizza and cupcake, and then his Mom cleaned up while we all gagged and watched. then we tuned into The Good Wife (yesssss!) and drove home. JJ drank enough coffee to keep driving to new hampshire so he stayed up watching tv when we got home, while i slept peacefully.

happy columbus day everyone! some dumbass on the ellen degeneres show didn't know what year columbus "discovered" America. she said 1708. REALLY?!?! in fourteen-hundred ninety-two, columbus sailed the ocean blue. we all learned it when we were 7. JJ got to sit on his ass and eat greek food today while i slaved away behind a computer billing saudi arabian students for their tuition. so not fair.



  1. hahahahah you are extra funny today!! I like it lady :)

  2. Love your blog, and your style! Too funny!

  3. those e-cards are how i want to talk to everyone for the rest of my life. did you write them? they sound like you. i like it. i also hate sundays for being rude and turning into mondays which i also hate for being fun suckers.


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