Wednesday, October 12, 2011


dress: gift from JJ's Mom, tee: Converse, cardigan: Target, flats: Guess

i have an angry beast of a cough. it's really affecting my ability to concentrate on anything. also i almost died today. i nearly took a tylenol cold caplet that expired in September 2010. i punched them out of the foil and went to put them in my mouth when my eye caught the date. it was a seriously close call. 

i would love to stay and chat but really i must to take some new tylenol cold and get some beauty sleep.


  1. Gots a cough too -- I feel for you, baby girl!

  2. Your blog makes me laugh the most out of any of the 200+ blogs that I follow. Seriously, no joke. I loved your swapped faces thing, I was laughing so hard just now! :D


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