Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cozy rainy days

dress: Converse, coat: Thakoon for Target, socks: Target, Hunter boots

i loooooove the rain! it's so much fun. plus i get to wear my pink boots to work when it rains. which is always fun. californians do NOT know how to drive in the rain. it's really pathetic. it took me so long to get to work this morning because those fools were driving 10 mph. it was ridiculous. and the amount of scarves and parkas i saw (it was 60 degrees) was embarrassing. californians are a bunch of pansies when it comes to anything but sunny. 

JJ made butternut squash ravioli and arugula and spinach salad--it was a delicious dinner. then Cle and me took a shower. and now we are all squeaky clean and cozy. rainy days make me want to snuggle up in bed in sweat pants and fuzzy socks. so i'm doing just that.

1 comment:

  1. Seattleites also suck at driving in the rain....and they have NO excuse!


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