Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i like your beard *in ke$ha voice*

pants: F21, top: Nordstrom Rack, heels: Steve Madden via Ross

i felt like having a beard today. and you know what? i don't look half bad.

Glee isn't on tonight because of baseball. i realllllllllly hate baseball. 

i have a zit the size of jupiter on my cheek and it's so painful and red. i can't wait until it's ready to pop. it will be so satisfying. 

Cleo's new dog food flavor is Cowboy Cookout. JJ and i both agree it makes her breath smell especially horrendous. 

it's going to be 100 degrees here on thursday. bulghhhhhh.

i will never ever in life go skydiving. that's just something you should know about me. you could never talk me into it. it would be so disappointing to die that way, and so i choose not to ever let it happen.

i'm going to take a shower since i have crazy poodle hair today. 




  1. Lacie- I wanted you to know I was on Pinterest (my favorite site ever) and saw a picture of you from your blog! They were pinning your black skinny jeans. Anyway, just thought you should know. I'd pee my pants if that ever happened to me

  2. cool! i didn't know--thanks for telling me :)


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