Tuesday, October 4, 2011


dress/cardigan: Target, belt: Gap, socks: Missoni for Target (thanks Mimi), shoes: Italy, glasses: UO

i'm a nerd. i was inspired by zooey deschanel's character on the hilar new show new girl. she wears similar frames so i copy-catted her and bought a pair for myself. i added some knee-high socks and i was dorky ol' L for the day. hehee

here is a fact: i use the men's bathroom at work. there's never anyone in there because there is only one man who works in my office. so i can stretch out on the pot and take my time in there. plus there's a plethora of toilet paper in there, so one never has to worry about running out mid-poo. it's fabulous. at least i thought it was until i was sitting in there this morning and something caught my eye--AN EARWIG CRAWLING ACROSS THE TOE OF MY SHOEEEEEEEEE NOOOOOOOOO!!!! it was SO gross and it made my heart drop. it gave me quite a fright! i kicked him off my shoe and stepped on him. and then flushed him. he was totally not welcome in MY men's bathroom.


  1. Nerdy? I think you look Fabuloso!

  2. I love this outfit, and I must have those socks. But I'm sad that you go those shoes in Italy because I want them and must have them now!

  3. "I love you photobooth."
    - My favorite quote from the last episode.


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