Monday, October 3, 2011

sneaky hansens

tee: TJ Maxx, skirt: F21, flower: H&M

this picture is fuzzy and weird. like the screen of a television in the 90s. 

i sort of look like a chic clown today with that big red flower. i sort of wish it had water in it to squirt at people. i have GOT to add 'squirting water flower' to the list of things i definitely need.

JJ and i did something crazy. 

we snuck Cleo onto the plane on the way home from our quick washington trip...!!! we are your regular Bonnie & Clyde!! it's really terrible--but we did it anyway. you see, we paid for her on the way there and they put a tag on her carrier...then never asked us to pay on the way home. so we just brought her onto the plane. hahahahhh

today while i was itching my nose i caught a faint whiff of the most delectable treat in the world...some onion from the SF sourdough sandwich i had yesterday. it made me so giddy and delightful that i just kept sniffing real hard until my eyeballs almost popped out.

you know what really irks me? the commercials for that movie anonymous ...SHAKESPEARE WAS NOT A PHONY.

1 comment:

  1. You're hilarious! Love the sneaky Hansen trio, lol


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