Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's on L's Phone?!

it's true. they do. but alas, i'm not in college anymore. so i decided it's time to let this tshirt go. wahhh.

  i had to get my bloodwork done today. i had to sit there for an extra 20 minutes with my head between my legs because i almost passed out. i hate blood.

what good is a motherfudging iphone if, when it has bars and service, it cannot give you the directions to your bloodwork appointment?? stupid thing. 

iswap app for iphone. LOL that's me and my nephew big M. we switched faces.

and this would be JJ's sister S and her husband...with switched faces haahahahahaaa this one made us laugh til we cried. SO FUNNY.

...and big M and JJ's sister C with switched faces...C said "i'm not a bad looking boy" hahahaa

 cleaned out my closet eminem-style. time to purge the unnecessary items in my closet (i.e. hollister jeans that i can no longer button) i have a very excited 14-year-old cousin who is anxiously awaiting to dig into this pile.

strategically placed fake dog turd. 
unamused lame JJ.
i thought it was hilar.

snugglin' Chanel.

Nel and Jewel at the wsu vs. ucla game. 

my boss and i are Twihards. she bought me these sticky notes. ADORRRR

hahahha JJ accidentally saved LJ's husband as "Chria Milker" in his phone. his name is really Chris Miller. LOLOLOLLLLL

Jamba Juice really is the best. i mean really. who doesn't love a jamba juice?

KKiss' last name is Kissel (sorry, cover blown). this movie was playing on lifetime.ahahahaa

we got this letter at work. and no, i'm not a sir. and neither is my boss. no sirs here. just hott ladiezzz (ladiezzz with 3 Zs just makes it so much better)

while perusing the Kardashian article in my Lucky magazine i noticed an F-bomb. is that even legal?? or was it a mistake??


  1. that iswap app is the best thing i've ever seen. i need it now. it probably will surpass fat booth in laughing tears.

  2. Holy cow-the switched faces---SO freaky!! Everyone looks so odd. Except S and S--they look like real people. Super funny!

  3. Those fake turds never get old! Hahahahaah


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