Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's on L's Phone?!

the end of my life happened yesterday.
the TV was shut off. 
and i was left with nothing but a dark, sad black screen with a blue box that said, "searching for signal."

i'm so anxious to get going to Seattle. i feel like kirstie alley in toothless when she isn't alive or dead. she's just stuck in the middle as a tooth fairy. i don't like living in this weird world where my things are all scattered and there's no TV. and JJ left me last wednesday so i am lonely and cold and whimpery and tired.

good news is, my OCD sister M is coming here on Friday to organize my shit. then the movers come on halloween and then Cleo, M and i drive up to good old Washington on tuesday! i told her the driving is going to be at about an 80/20 ratio...meaning she will drive the 80%. i just really hate to drive. i'm no good at it anyway.

THEN, on thursday, i turn right around and fly down to Vegas for Sam's wedding ouiiiiii! 

anyway, this week's "what's on L's phone?!" is mainly a collection of Cleo pics. i'm so boring. but she's been very clingy since the move began, and cries like a dying vampire every time i leave her to go to work. poor little pup.

i promise when i get settled and find my clothes again that i will be back. but for now, these tidbits from my phone will have to suffice.

 the dead, dead DEAD ends of my hair finally had to be chopped off.

Cleo thinks that if she sleeps in my suitcases that i won't leave her behind. awww.

 PTFO in the car on the way home from a weekend at JJ's parents house.

tiny pooch.

one last tryst before Chanel & JJ hit the road.

 this is my scattered living room/life.

all the plates were packed, so JJ served me a grilled cheese in a bowl hahahh

she sits by the door worrying.

flowers i got at work from my darling Hubblestiltskins yesterday because he misses me. 

it's tights weather today in socal. love it!

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  1. Looking forward to reading about Seattle and you're obviously going to have to update that wardrobe with winter clothes. Yay.


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