Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

these are in no particular order: 

that is a crusty old Cleo turd. my Papa found it in his office and put it on my dresser to teach me a lesson. 

Cleo in the apartment the day before we moved. she just stood on the stool looking around worriedly. 

i ate too many ruffles on the road trip. we were so cramped in the car. i didn't trust the movers with my special things. and i have a lot of special things. so i brought them in my car to keep them safe.

the last CA sunset. 

Cleo trying to get comfy in the stuffed car.

this was my setup for a few days in my childhood bedroom at my parents' house.

i went to my sister M's house and said "let's make cookies!" so i watched her make them. i sent this picture to her husband and said "i'm making cookies." he said "hey, that's the same recipe i use"  LOL. and how hilar is their bulldog Hamilton just sitting there waiting for a piece of dough to drop?!?!!!

my parents' dog Lola666 pretending to be tiny. that's Cleo's bed. Lola666 is a 65-lb Golden Doodle.

Cleo is Mrs. Claus!

Lola666 now pretending to be a lap dog. who is that hideous caveman she's sitting on?

 Rob Pattinson on Today. heart fluttering!!!

Mimi bought Cleo a carseat. yes that's real. they make carseats for dogs now. 

took the sea pooch on a walk to the waterfront today.

 that's me and sister CA snooping through MM's texts to her boyfriend. JJ told us we were assholes and caught us red-handed. (note: those pants we are wearing were given to us by Mimi. they are 100% fleece. from costco. they are the very best pants in the ENTIRE world. it's like wearing a cloud. and they are only $9.99. go and get yourself a pair right now!)

Cleo drives.

i love this video. Chanel chasing a piece of chalk around my parents' house. she is SO into it until Lola666 walks by. then she looks away and pretends she wasn't just having the time of her life.


  1. I am glad you are back. Work is just no fun without you.

  2. 1. Lola666 is 45 lbs-not 65!
    2. I look like a lesbian in that picture where I'm making the cookies

  3. Yay, you're back! Enjoy the vacation from work, it won't last forever.


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