Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what's on L's phone?!


my sister's cat Lewis cleaning his anus. cats licking their buttholes is so hilarious.

Cleo and Lewis sharing the couch.

my parents dog Lola666 climbing into my bed in the morning and greeting me with a polite and quiet hello.

Dad decorating the tree!

i went to my Dad's office and was given this by one of his employees. he asked me to read it aloud. so inappropriate! this is the same man who also signed me up for a health insurance plan.

resting after a long day of barking at strangers.

hahaha Cleo was laying on her back on my belly like this watching a movie with her ears all splayed out. so funny and cute.

thanksgiving morning. and MM and CA were such a big asset in the preparation of dinner for 29 people.

thanksgiving mid-morning and we have another wonderful helper.

an hour before thanksgiving dinner and i found this one eager to set the table.  BY THE WAY i made a sweet potato casserole (NO NOT THE ONE WITH MARSHMALLOWS) and it was a raging success. i must have gotten 12 compliments on it. pat on back, self.

 snowww! it's all gone now :( boo

llamas are so bizarre. CA and i took the dogs for a walk and stopped to watch these weirdos.

Cleo and Lola666 cuddling with CA's leg.

 Lewis photobombs.

tiny pup in a big car.


  1. Love that one of Cle watching TV. hilar!

  2. Haha cats are gross when they was their nether regions in public! Mine used to have an unhealthy obsession with his balls


  3. if i were an animal that had to lick my butt to clean myself i would run in front of a car. worst sound slash sight ever. my animals know not to evereverveververrrr do that in front of me or i willl probs just hurl on them.

  4. haaaaaaaaaaaaa the llamas!!!!! lolololollllllllllllllll

    i hate those dirty fools

  5. haha i love all your pictures of cleo! and i've missed you blogging :)

  6. Jeez, Lace--crazy cat lady or what?!?


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