Monday, December 5, 2011

Bad Luck Day

Cleo is so emo in this pic. JJ came to Selah for the weekend. one week from today and we (should) be moving into our new house! fings crossed the floor men finish their work in a timely manner!

yesterday i read the hunger games. it was marvelous. addicting and horrible and wonderful all at the same time. and this morning i went into my sister's room to get book 2 of the series and she said "my friend has it." $#$#&*@*#@#$@ so annoying. because once you're in the mood for a story, it's hard to shake it. 

i made a plan to go to barnes and noble to pick up book 2. WENT OUT OF BUSINESS. omfg. c'monnnnnn. i drove to target. they had book 1 and book 3. but not book 2. I MEAN. how unlucky? so i drove home frustrated and empty handed. and then i got a phone call from bank of america. some fraudulent asshole tried to use my card to open up a netflix account. aye yi yi. so i had to cancel my card and order a new one. which is SO annoying. because of all the things attached to my card. now i have to go back on all my websites and change my card number. so not ideal during the holiday season. but whatevs. i said thank you to the man and asked the all-important question: "the new card that's being issued, it's the hello kitty platinum plus card that's coming right?" pause. "acutally ma'am, i'm sorry to say that card is discontinued." 

this is the worst day. 

what will i do? what am i supposed to do without Hello Kitty? i'm much too fancy for a boring red, white and blue credit bank of america card. my heart sank and i shouted to the man "nooooooooo!" in a very dramatic fashion. and the guy laughed. he laughed at me. so i quietly said, "ihavetogobye" and he said "wait! will you stay on the line to conduct a 1 minute survey?" no, no i will NOT stay on the line to conduct a 1 minute survey you worthless fartknuckle. 

the only thing i can think that may be positive about the situation is that Hello Kitty's sleek black face will no longer be there to encourage me to spend my precious dollars on something fun. as my mom said, i will "have to look like a grownup now" which is so depressing. i shall use my new boring credit card to buy grownup things like depends and salt.

i hate Bad Luck Days.


  1. Nooo! Such a bad luck day!

    I chuckled at the "so not ideal" kate hudson reference hahaha

  2. depends and salt! ahaha gross. no. just plaster some hello kitty stickers all over it. i hate when i have to change my card number and or name and or address. there's always something you forget. also, paypal wants me to SEND IN my marriage license to prove that i changed my name. annoying. and the hunger games in amazing. i hope you get the 2nd book SOON and then when it's time for 3, i hope you don't have another shitty day.

  3. Sounds like Hello Kitty caught the fatal disease MM's kitty has! Aloha, Hello Kitty!


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