Wednesday, December 21, 2011


pants: F21, blouse: William Rast for Target, cardigan: Target, socks: Nordstrom, boots: BCBG, delicious sandwich: Jimmy John's

that sandwich was so good. except jimmy john's only has dijon mustard. ew barf. so you have to ask for the little packets of yellow mustard. and i didn't do it yesterday. nothing is worse than biting into a sandwich expecting yellow mustard and being bombarded with spicy diarrhea-colored mustard. 

i met JJ for his lunch break and after i picked him up, Cleo sat in his lap shaking. we left her in the car while we went inside and came back out to a steaming pile of shit in the front seat. explains the shaking. i mean you and i both know how completely miserable it is when you've gotta go but you can't. i couldn't punish her because it was my fault for rushing out the door and not allowing the proper amount of time for her to relieve herself before we left. and she hasn't had ONE accident in the new house. good pup.

last night was a delight. we had my friends LJ and her husband and KKiss over for a lovely little dinner party. LJ brought homemade vodka sauce for pasta (that her husband made!) and KKiss brought a salad and lots of baked goodies. (the boys had a "treat draft" at the end of the night. and each took turns picking out cookies to put in a bag to take home. everything is sports related. EVERYTHING!) i bought garlic bread and hard apple cider and beer for my first dinner party guests. it was so fun to have good friends over to our (clean) house. it was laid-back and fun and JJ had sauce splatters all over his shirt at the end of the night. the true sign of a good meal. i love being back in Washington where (most of) my best friends are. and i can't wait until summer when we can have them all over for BBQs in our backyard! 

after they went home, JJ and i had a miniature Christmas. since we will be with his family this year, my mom sent over our presents to enjoy early. so we stuffed each others' stockings and unwrapped our gifts and loved all the wonderful treasures from my Mom and Dad. then we fell asleep listening to Clark Griswold freak out when his Christmas lights wouldn't turn on.


 and tomorrow morning we head back to CA for Christmas!


  1. What do you mean "CA", what about HI?
    That is where Christmas truly rocks!!!

  2. hahahaha Jeremy's zip up is sure zipped down quite a ways! bahahahaha!


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